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Dec 4, 2001 02:44 PM

lunchtime carryout gems in farragut area

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I'm interested in carryout standouts near my job. I've got one. It's the chicken kabob sandwich at Stoupsy's in International Square. The pita is nicely grilled, the chicken is marinated and juicy, the yogurt sauce, feta, onion, lettuce and tomato are ample but not overpowering. All in all, it's quite delicious and a bargain for about 5 bucks. Plus -- and this IS a plus for me but might not be for more ravenous hounds -- the portion is moderate. Filling but not stuffing.

Speaking of chicken, the chicken tikka sandwich at Naan and Beyond on L Street near 17th is also good, but order it without the mayo (miracle whip, perhaps?). The mint and mango sauces are very tasty and are accompaniment enough. The portion is large (I actually find the chicken chunks a little too chunky; smaller pieces would be easier to manage, which is why I prefer the Stoupsy's offering) and it's under six bucks.

SO, anybody have any suggestions? I'd particularly like to know about good tuna sandwiches (other than the very good tuna and feta in pita at the greek carryout on 19th between L & M).

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  1. I like the tuna salad at CF Folkes on 19th Street (between M and N). It has walnuts in it, and the tuna is solid white, not chunk light (yech!) Also think their daily specials can be wonderful, depending on the specialty of the day, and I believe they are available for carry-out - but they're not inexpensive. For larger portions, go to Sticks and Bowls on Connecticut Avenue, below the Circle. Very filling and you design your own meal. Finally, I know it's a chain but I'm a sucker for Chipotle burritos - also very filling and a pretty good value.

    1. Run...don't the Bread Line on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue between 17th and 18th St NW. From the man who invented Marvelous Market, the Bread Line uses bread in all its forms to hold, support, and cover all manner of delicious fillings. Great french fries, superb cookies (I am told). Drawbacks--not cheap and slightly disorganized.

      Jim Zurer
      Washington DC

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        I second the Bread Line recommendation. A revolving selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches on some of the best bread in town. Don't miss the lamb, hummus, and tabbouleh on flatbread on Wednesday or the Cuban sandwich on Thursday.

        1. re: NancyDC

          Could someone please tell me exactly how and where to walk into Breadline, read what is being offered that day, what counter to order a sandwich at, where to pick it up, and how to pay for it?

          I have literally been there 5 or 6 times, only to walk out after 5 minutes everytime, in total frustration, and still without anything to eat.

          1. re: Bill

            I agree that it is confusing, but here is the drill: enter on Pennsylvania just east of 18th Street. From there you have two choices: either take a sandwich from the large shelving unit ahead and to the left (just before the seating area starts) or alternatively join one of the two queues that are just to the right. One queue (the left one) is for salads, and the right one is for sandwiches and piadinis, etc. There is a blackboard on the wall facing the front door that lists what is on offer that day, and on the counter that separates the preparation area from the customers there is usually a listing, too. It's not really all that hard, just there is so much information and it's rather spread out.

          2. re: NancyDC

            they are pretty good. and don't forget the best hot dog stand in dc...corner of L and conn....shareef is his name i think....they are good. farther away on 20th, above m (really at n i think) is that pizza/sandwich/greek spot, with a bar in the basement. the pizza is pretty good.

          3. re: Jim Zurer

            "Not cheap," says Jim Z. Not hardly. Expect to spend upwards of a Hamilton -- for lunch, yet. Fries aren't "great," either: B-L hasn't figured out yet (what gives?) that you need to fry *twice*, a la Flemish style; fries at B-L are soggy/limp, and all the more disappointing 'cause they're so promising at the outset. Lamb is fatty and undercooked. Felafel way crunchy and overcooked. (Nice arbes, though.) Chief attraction is the people watching, mainly the stunning blonde partners from the nearby law firms, which makes the $8 (!) grilled cheese ok. Bring 'em on!

          4. For tuna, you could carry out the tuna melt from Legal Seafoods. It's $8, which is getting on the pricey side, but it's excellent and I believe they're using fresh tuna in their tuna salad not canned. Regardless, it's worth it.

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              Scott Huddle

              For the absolute best burritos walk the half block north of Chipotle at M and 19th to Well Dressed Buritto (it is on the West side in the alley, just north of Georgetown Seafood). Its run from the kitchen at CF Folks. The beef and chicken burritos are stuffed w/ meat and veggies and served on rice (not stuffed w/ it). Excellent! I can't believe that people wait in the lines at Chipotle when they could go here.

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                Another simply amazing burrito option is the burrito cart (i believe the proper name is well dressed burritos) on the south west corner of 15th & K Streets, NW. The cart is only in operation from about 11:30 till 2 on weekdays and the options are limited to black beans, refried beans, two types of cheeses, guacamole, sour cream and a variety of hot suaces but the final creation, no matter how you mix it up, is always amazing. The wait for a burrito is usually fairly long, sometimes as much as 45 minutes on a pleasant day, but WELL worth it. They also make a limited amount of express burritos each morning for those who can't wait but if you have the time I'd reccomend waiting around to have yours built fresh.

              2. I nominate Burro, 19th St nr L; also gourmet sandwiches at The Daily Market at the Farragut N Metro exit; and Firehook Bakery, 17th nr K - sandwiches, cookies, pastries; as well as Il Pranzo nr 18th & M for pizza slices; and try Steam Ship at 18th & I for thick sandwiches; also go for the cafeterias at National Geographic & the Natl Education Assoc., both around 16th & M. And possibly the kosher cafe at the JCC at 16th & P?
                ALL are either self-serve or carry-out-only.
                Bon apetit!