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Dec 4, 2001 10:04 AM

Stone Crabs in DC?

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I was recently in Florida and had some really nice stone crabs, other than flying back, is there a good place to get them here in DC? Bonus points for grubby but good restaurants, or a market where I can buy them and have at home. Extra bonus points if they have the mustard sauce pre-made.

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    Scott Huddle

    Is it weird to answer your own post?

    After some more searching, I found that Oceanaire has stone crabs. I called to make sure before making a reservations and to also check on the price. Ouch! $48 for 1.25lb of stone crabs, appetizer portions only.

    We went. Completely delicious! They tasted as fresh as the ones I had in Florida, and were served w/ a similar mustard/mayo sauce. I'd go back to Oceanaire again as well, the restaurant is beautiful and the other barometer dishes we had (crab cakes, oysters rockefeller, clam chowder) were all very good.

    The Washington Post reviewer who called this the seafood restaurant for the steak house crowd is dead on. We tried one of the side dishes, the hash browns, and they oversized to the point of ridiculousness (two inch high serving the size of a dinner plate). We didn't order the desserts but saw several and they were similarly over the top.

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      Just a bit of trivia on stone crab claws. Because the stone crab claws degrade so quickly, it is a (state or federal?) law that they must be frozen in order to be shipped out of the state. Thus, freshness won't be a great concern if you're ordering them in the Mid-Atlantic region.