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Feb 2, 2001 01:50 AM

What do you think of Laghi?

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I just had dinner at Laghi tonight. I have mixed feelings about it and want to compare notes with others who have eaten there. The prices were quite reasonable (home-made pastas around mid-teens) and the service was very hospital.

The ribolita I had was rather plain. It was brothy when I was expecting the thick and almost porridge-like consistency that I remembered from a few meals in Tuscany - I missed the fragrance of the bread/flour-thickened versions and was disappointed here.

I really liked the home made spaghetti with venison and chantarelles - the rich soft texture of the pasta defintely stood out. The venison was rather gamy and while I loved every bit of it, I think it might be overwhelming for some.

Dessert was good but not out of this world. Hazelnut ice crem (deliciously thick and dense with a subtle hazelnut flavor) with a nutella-like topping (like the thick pasty version of nutella, not the more liquid spread) and lots of chocolate sauce.

Since the soup was mildly disappointing and the pasta was excellent, I feel ambivalent about the place. Would love to hear what others think about it.

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  1. I've always enjoyed my meals there. Sometimes the main courses weren't quite up to snuff (sometimes they were great), however, the pasta/gnocchi dishes I've had there have always been wonderful.

    My only comment about the soup is that the chef is from Emilia-Romagna, not Tuscany. I don't know for sure, but maybe ribolita differs in style between the 2 regions.