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Nov 21, 2001 11:34 AM


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Um, hi, I'm new to this group, but very happy to have found it. I've noticed a couple posts recommending Karabelas in Fell's Point, but it seems to be closed. I mean, it still looks nice and it still seems to be furnished inside, and there's a notice of construction work on the window, but no one answers the phone and it's locked every time I've been by. Anyone know what's up? Thanks.

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  1. I too tried to go there a few weeks ago and found the same thing. I haven't heard anything, but from the looks of it they may be remodeling.
    I hope so, because I've heard great things about the place and thought I may have waited too long and it closed.
    Let's cross our fingers and hope it opens again soon.

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      A friend just showed me an article from the Baltimore Business Journal; Karabelas evidently closed mid-October. Sigh. It sounded good.