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Nov 18, 2001 06:09 PM

Lexington Market

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Any advice on what's good at Baltimore's Lexington Market? Also, is it in a safe area?

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  1. Go to Faidley's for crabcakes and seafood. There are many, including my brother-in-law, who believe that Faidley's has the BEST crabcakes in the area. I would agree that I've not had any crabcakes in the area that are much better.

    As for the area, during the daylight hours it's fine. There are cheap parking lots nearby, and though there are a lot of people mingling around, you shouldn't be bothered.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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      I was just in Lexington Market last week for the first time. I read about it in a tourist magazine that was at our hotel. It talked about the "ambiance" and the abundance of food, so I wanted to go, of course. My boyfriend and I got there around 5, right when it was starting to get dark. Neither one of us felt particularly comfortable there and we actually left after just a little bit. There were alot of people just hanging around, not really doing any shopping at all. I was actually very disappointed in the whole experience. DEFINATELY go earlier in the day. Also, I think alot of the vendors had left since there were many empty stalls.

      1. re: Emily

        Lexington Market along with Pike Place Market in Seattle and the Reading Terminal in Philly are American landmarks. There IS awfully good food in Lexington but everyone goes in the daytime, preferably around lunchtime. As for Faidley's they also make a fish sandwich which is a throwback to the fish sandwiches you used to get on the Maine Avenue wharf at Benny's Seafood 50 years ago. (They were served with fresh cut french fries fried in lard!) The Post ran a feature about Horace and Dickey's on 12th St., N. E. a couple of years ago as having a great fish sandwich. It did. They inherited it from Boyd's Carryout which was there before they bought it out. Having said this they're not nearly as good as Faidley's fish sandwich which stacks fresh deep fried fish (several kinds) three or four inches high on cheap white bread with home made cole slaw and hot sauce.
        Try it. You might prefer it over their crabcakes which are excellent but nowhere near as good as Angelina's on Harford Road.

        1. re: Joe

          Faidley's also sells their mix. (Shh.. Don't tell anyone, uh, that, well, my crabcakes are really theirs.) Ahem, as I was saying, I hear that they sell their mix. That's minus the crackers & crabmeat. It's this mayonnaisey and spice concoction. Add a container of jumbo lump, a sleeve of crackers (crumbled) and broil. You can impress your guests. Or so I hear.

      2. re: asun
        Judith Bradley

        I have had the perfect crabcake - and it is the one found at Faidley's. There are no other. I never, never order them anywhere else, because once one has found perfection, why settle for less? My husband has not yet learned this, and will occasionally order a crabcake in another setting - I say nothing, but I know he will find it far short of Faidley's. When the urge for one hits and I am far from Baltimore, I make a fairly good Faidley's-type myself --but it isn't the same.

      3. I was just there for the first time today (Saturday at about 1:00 p.m.). My goal was to go to Berger's, and get their famous cookies-- they are in a package, and are basically a soft vanilla cookie with chocolate icing that is almost as thick as the cookie itself.

        I think they were less than $4.00 a package. These cookies are available through the internet, too, in case you don't feel safe going there.

        I went there with my five year old son and husband. There was a lot of people milling around the front, but on the other side of the building there is convenient parking immediately across the street, and not as many people milling around.

        I did see a cop outside of the building, and a lot of people just standing around. Inside the building, there were a few mentally ill people mumbling to themselves (these people are generally harmless), along with some people who seemed to be strung out on drugs.

        I would come back here again, but not at night. And, I would keep a close eye on my wallet. The parking is so close that you would not feel uncomfortable. Don't walk here, though.

        I hope that more people post what is good here besides the crabcakes. I am looking forward to going back. I have a feeling it is better than the somewhat mediocre food around the aqaurium.

        The vendors at the market were also very friendly. The salesclerk at Berger's helped us pick out a few other things to try. And, the parking lot attendent was also very nice.