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Nov 18, 2001 01:50 PM

and englishman in DC

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I am bringing my wife and 16 year old son to DC from 26th December - 3rd January and I am looking for some suggestions.

Where to eat within walking distance of our hotel the Swissotel?
Where to eat and see live rock music?
Where to go on New Years Eve for a bit of atmos?
Where to eat great fish?

All of the above need to accessable to a 16 year old.

Also could I have some info regarding current closures/security.



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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the Swissotel is in the famed Watergate complex, near the Kennedy Center. A little bit out of the way, but accessible to Georgetown, Foggy Bottom and the CBD pretty easily, so you have a lot of choices. For walking distance, you could try Kinkeads (Pennsylvania Ave @ 20th St), which is also good for fish/seafood. Legal Sea Food is also near there (it's part of a chain though). Also excellent is Kaz Sushi Bistro on I St NW @ 20th. Also, Galileo is a wonderful Italian place at 21st St @ L St NW.

    Not sure what to recommend re: live rock music; surely there will be something going on at the MCI Center, which is in Chinatown (not much good to recommend there; Full Kee is usually reliable, but if you don't speak Chinese or know them, it could be iffy).

    Re: New Year's Eve, Adams Morgan might be a good bet (it's a bohemian sort of neighborhood with lots of goings-on, sure to appeal to a 16 year old), or Georgetown. I usually have people over to my house for dinner, so not an expert on the matter.

    Security is not too noticeable, though I also don't spend much time in tourist areas (though my office is 3 blocks from the White House). I suspect if you go to the Smithsonian, the main govt buildings, monuments, etc, they may check your bags a bit more than usual (particularly around the holidays). But you should have a great time; DC is a lovely city.

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      A real DC music experience...though perhaps not for a teen, unless he's into the roots of stuff, would be a trek to the birchmere in alexandria for the annual new years show by the legendary Seldom Scene. Dinner at R.T.'s prior would be tasty.

    2. Some of the restaurant recommendations made are very good. As for music and nightlife, definitely check out Adams Morgan (you'll most likely have to take a cab). Also, for great shows check out the 9:30 club ( They have great shows, and they may have a New Year's Eve one. Great club, but kinda out of the way. Good luck!

      1. I've always wondered about the Swisshotel when I've gone by it--it looks so cute from the outside.

        A few blocks SE of your location is Chinatown, east of 9th Street. On the way, there's Capital Q Texas barbeque at 707 H St. NW. There's also Capital City Brewery at 1100 New York Avenue (near 11th & H). One of my favorite places in that area for breakfast is the Waffle House on 10th Street, between E & F Streets.

        In December, check out the City Paper website for New Year's events:

        1. Where to eat within walking distance of our hotel the Swissotel?

          - I think that's at the Watergate - at least that's the listing I get when I check out Swissotel Washington online. Not a lot there that I know about. Suggest you hop a cab up into Georgetown for dinner at Rocklands Barbecue (gotta have bbq when you're in the U.S. - Old Glory would be ok for atmosphere but I think Rocklands is the place to go).

          Where to eat and see live rock music?
          9:30 club, Black Cat and other local large places are listed in the City Paper (for which someone provided a website). Iota in Arlington VA (near Clarendon metro) has good folk/rock type bands and good food. There are also bands which are committed to doing all ages shows such as Fugazi (if you like punk) that might be playing in the area then. Easier to bring your kid. Whatever rock band you decide to see, call ahead and find out their policy on age. It might be easier to get around age limits at a sitdown place like the birchmere or if you like jazz - at Blues Alley or my personal favorite, HR-57 (Wednesday's are best). For some of these places call ahead and make sure that they're going to be open X-mas week.

          Where to go on New Years Eve for a bit of atmos?
          The Alexandria Waterfront usually has a first night event which is alcohol free (16 year olds may be hard to get into some places because of our alcohol laws). City paper is a good place to check that out. Adams Morgan's pretty fun.

          Where to eat great fish?
          Kinkeads. Also I like Pesce's and Johnny's Half Shell.