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Nov 18, 2001 01:30 PM

New Dim Sum Rstr in Baltimore

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I just visited Chinatown Cafe, 323 Park Ave, Tel 410) 727-5599, in Baltimore City, a new dim sum rstr in the old Baltimore Chinatown (pretty sad what's left) but maybe there is new hope!

The selection wasn't expansive but what we ordered was good, and the best Baltimore has since Grand Palace closed down.

I walked in with high hopes and did notleave disappointed. I understand it's only been open one month. We plan to get back for dinner sometime.

Give it a chance! We have to support dim sum in Baltimore!!!

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  1. I want to concur with the recommendation for Chinatown Cafe. After reading an ad for it in the Citypaper, we decided to try it this weekend. They offer Dim Sum off the menu 6 days a week, and apparently have the carts on Sundays. Food was good (not comparable to NY Queens' nor the Falls Church places), but certainly top quality for a Baltimore establishment. The place has been totally redone - It's in a semi-bad part of town, but once your inside, you'd think you were in a chinatown establishment (other than that you can actually move around).

    Definitely recommend checking this one out -- it's a great place for a brunch dim sum meal without having to go all the way down to DC.

    All they need to do is add seasame balls and I'd be there every weekend.


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      I went there on Sunday. Yes, they have a cart--as in, one cart, with about a half dozen selections on it, plus other dim sum items you can order from the menu. To me, dim sum without carts is like eating Ethiopian food with a fork--tasty, but just not as fun. But I expect that the number of carts and selections will grow if their customer base does. They need to work on the food a little, but by Baltimore standards they do all right--at least things aren't drowning in corn starch. Their bow were kind of dry and the pork inside needed more sauce, and they only serve steamed ones, and their har gow were a little too simple--big chunks of shrimp in wrappers with very little else--for my preference. But I'm so happy to have dim sum within a 10-minute drive, I could care less. The place is still very new and I expect will get better with time. Worth a visit if you don't have the time or energy to drive to Wheaton.

    2. I ate at Chinatown Cafe this morning with two of my dim sum junkie friends. I was pleasantly surprised. I had low expectations since I had eaten at the two previous restaurants at the same spot (Joe's Peking Duck House and Joe's Dim Sum Palace--both pretty bad), but everything was quite serviceable. I thought the Lo Bak Gaw was particularly good (we had three orders). All the rest of the limited selection was good, and I would also say that the jellyfish was quite tasty as well.

      All in all, I must say that this is the best dim sum restaurant in Baltimore City in my memory. I hope we can all make this place a HUGE success, and then maybe they'll increase the selection!