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Nov 16, 2001 04:13 PM

The Waffle Shop on 10th Street, NW in DC?

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Anyone been here recently? I walk by on my way to work in the morning, and it's generally packed. Certainly looks like a 'hound-type place!

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  1. Been there for breakfast only, so I can't vouch for their lunches. Small wooden stool seats are uncomfortable & there are all types of clientele there, but breakfasts are fast & hearty - scrapple, waffles, etc. Low prices too. Very vintage look - hasn't changed in decades. But don't go there expecting a fancy, spotless, romantic meal...

    1. I used to go there every weekend for breakfast/brunch when I lived in the area (until about 3 years ago). I doubt the food has changed much. It's a greasy spoon kind of place, but the food is good, the prices are cheap, and it has that neighborhood feel. People seem to enjoy talking to one another at the counter, and there is a nice mix of locals and tourists stopping by after visiting Ford's Theater. But DON'T order the Chinese food at lunch; stick with the waffles, eggs, home fries, and burgers.