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Combalou in Baltimore

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A new Fromagerie & Cafe just opened on Calvert Street in Mount Vernon, and it's the sweetwest little place you ever did see. Now, here's hoping the food and service are equal to the smack-good ambience and we might be riding the wave of a Mt. Vernon restaurant renaissance. I'm serioous.

I've had a lovely prosciutto sandwich (with grand padona cheese) and an even lovely "build-my-own" salad (I added French olives, European cucumbers, anchovies, and capers -- lovely basil vinaigrette.)

Again, we're all of us here where I work one block up still fanning ourselves out of the collapse that a cute new place can induce, but all signs are good. The cheese and meat cases are handsomely stocked...my concern is whether the staff is up to the task of promoting and selling their contents. Mixed signals so far.

There might still be opening-week jitters, but go soon, and welcome them. They're open til 12 midnight, Friday and Saturday nights..you can bring your own bottle of wine.

818 N. Calvert St./410-528-1117

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  1. keewwlll.....there is so little for lunch around right now. Mebbe I'll hit it today.