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Nov 15, 2001 02:59 PM


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Sigh. I had a disappointing lunch today at Mehak's, an Indian rest. on 7th St. in Chinatown. I've been there many times before with never any of these problems. What's happened here?

I arrived around 1:50 - even tho late for lunch the place was 1/2-filled (it's not a very big place tho). 3 wait staff members were visible. I proceeded to wait a full 20 minutes just for somebody to take my order. I even stood up just so I could get noticed! When the waiter finally came, I said I'd been waiting a long while & he never apologized, let alone explained the delay. Nobody ever filled my water glass - I had to order a drink to wet my whistle.
I ordered a lunch special thali - according to the menu it's supposed to include a samosa or aloo tikka. It had neither, in the past it has. Nobody came later to check if I needed anything - if one had, I would have asked about the samosa. The waiters were brusque actually. When bill time came, I pointed out the missing samosa/aloo tikka, and the waiter said "No, we give you a salad." Well, 1) the menu specifically says samosa/aloo tikka, NOT a salad, and 2) the so-called "salad" was 1/3-cupful of shredded iceburg & tiny bits of tomato. I've seen better "salads" as hamburger toppings! Luckily the rest of the food - lentil curry, basmati rice, chicken curry, papadum, naan, raita - was very good. Because of the disappointing service, I tipped 13%, and I never tip that low. I didn't ask for the manager because it was not a really serious problem like a roach on my table, or constant screw-ups on my order or bill.

I'm aware there's a Mehak's in VA - I wonder if the service there is any better than the one in DC? All I know is that after patronizing Mehak's for over a year, I will never, never return, because of today's treatment.
Terrible service.

Luckily there are Indian restaurants to patronize back in Montgomery Co. with MUCH better service...

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  1. There is indeed a Mehak in Va. In Falls Church on Lee Hwy., to be exact.

    I've been there twice, but both times for the lunch buffet, so I can't really comment on the service, but the buffet was among the better I've had around here.

    1. food's gone down hill in the last year as well. Something changed, maybe. Used to be very good, especially chicken tikka, but now just so so and often just heavy, salty, and depressing.

      1. Apologies!!!
        Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Lori.
        Samosa/Aloo Tikki are back in the platter. Please do stop by, I guarantee you better service. Please email to Thank you
        P k dhingra