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Nov 15, 2001 08:20 AM

Any thoughts on Gabriel on P St.?

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A friend of mine wants to go to Gabriel, 2121 P st., on Friday night. Is this place really authentic? The American interpretation of tapas seems to be very different from the tapas i had in Spain, so I'm always skeptical.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Call ahead. I read they were closing for renovations soon. Haven't actually eaten there, but I've always heard good things.

    For authentic Spanish (although pricier) try the Taberna del Albardelo. Jaleo on 7th and D is also a favorite, and more moderately priced.

    1. I live right next door to Gabriel and pop in quite often after work for a cocktail and a small bite to eat. The bar is friendly and comfortable, but it gets really packed on Friday evenings (not so much now since the construction has left many people wondering if they are indeed still open...they are.) On Wed-Fri, they have a tapas buffet for $9.25 which is not bad but not too imaginative...quesadillas, meats and cheeses, lentil salads, etc. Off the menu I have tried 2 things and both were very good. The Calamari, tender, not overly fried, served with three delicious sauces... And a big bowl of mussels, plump and flavorful, in a herb/wine broth with jalapenos (nice and spicy :-) served with warm crusty bread for dipping. In my opinion it's worth a shot.

      P.S. They make a Vox martini with house made blue cheese-stuffed olives that is to die for. And they offer free valet parking.