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Nov 14, 2001 04:23 PM

life after ixia in baltimore city

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i heard that the chef who created ixia will open "soigne`" french for perfection in fedeeral hill at the last week of november w/ a managing partner. this sounds very promising. his background incl. nobu, vong, union square cafe in nyc also citronelle and d.c coast in wash. d.c. i read an article in the balt. sun newspaper that the food at soigne` will be more intense/hardcore, trying to establishe a true food destination. menu is said to be seasonal. any thoughts from other chowhounders??

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  1. If you're referring to Edward Kim, I do not know about his previous training and whether he actually worked in all the places you're cited.

    I would love to support his new restaurant, especially since it is in Federal Hill, but I hope he has learned more social skills since he worked at Ixia.

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      what?! a master chef with a propensity to misbehave?! Impossible! :)

      This will be going into the old "Lynn's" space, on the border between Federal Hill and Locust Point. Crap, I gotta get over there and sell him some wine..... ;-))