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Nov 14, 2001 03:27 PM


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Anyone eaten there lately? I'm taking my boyfriend out for his birthday in December and would like to make it a special meal. The menu options sound kind of funky but two people have told me that it's their most-favorite restaurant in DC. Other place I'm contemplating is the restaurant at the Morrison-Clark Inn (although I heard that the chef has bolted for the Majestic so I'm wondering if the quality still holds). Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I'm so glad you asked about this place, since it gives me an opportunity to rave about it. I live in NY now, but spent 13 years in DC, and I agree with the folks you spoke with who said it was their favorite restaurant in the city. First, the food is just fantasic -- everything is fresh, simply prepared, and delicious. The homemade breads (three or four varieties) that come with every meal are to die for and alone are worth the visit. Second, the ambiance is lovely; although the restaurant is not in the nicest or most scenic part of town, the room itself is quite nice. Third, the service is great -- they appear to have almost zero employee turnover (I see the same faces year after year), so all of the waitstaff are knowledgable and seem to really love their job. I've also found them to be quite friendly and unpretentious. All in all, this is just a fabulous restaurant, and I don't understand why it is seldom mentioned when posters to this site recommend medium to high-end places.

    Now the nits. The menu, which changes daily, always was somewhat limited -- I was told once that it depends on what is fresh at market -- but it seems to have gotten worse in that respect. Where they used to have five or six choices for both apps. and entrees, IIRC they had only three choices for each the last time I was there (about two months ago). I don't know if the decision to reduce the menu was driven by budgetary concerns or what, but I can see where it might turn people off. Having said that, there is always at least one meat and one fish choice, and there either is a vegetarian choice or they can do something vegetarian off the menu. The second nit -- a small one -- is that although the staff generally is very good (as I noted above), I have experineced somewhat slow service on a couple of occasions.

    But all in all, you can't go wrong at Rupperts, and it's a great choice for a special occasion.

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      Thank you so much for your Rupert's review - that was really helpful! I think I've made my decision . . . .