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Feb 1, 2001 12:24 AM

FOUND: Good, Cheap Veget/Chinese in the Richmond

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Just discovered this great little place on Clement near 9th -- Bamboo Garden.

It's vegetarian (I certainly am not), but nevertheless, it's VERY good, especially for only $4.50! Must say I've only tried the soups thus far.

They give you a huge bowl like most Asian restaurants, but the difference is, they LOAD it with Stuff -- freshest of vegetables and tofu/soy/vegetable meat substitutes. I tried the hot and sour and chix/rice/spinach soups. Don't expect anything remotely authentic. It's not. It's more like an LA-style health conscious Asian/Californian cafe.

I felt so healthy afterwards, I went right back to the gym AGAIN afterwards fully revitalized. Doubtless this was partially psychological due to realizing the obvious healthiness of the food and the happiness to have found the place! Very tasty, healthy, and cheap!

Any other healthy, flavorful finds?

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  1. We used to go to a veg. Chinese place on Clement
    that would fit the good and cheap tag. It is located,
    I think, about 18th or 19th, and called Veggie Foods.
    Now we go to the one in Berkeley on Vine, around the corner from the Cheeseboard. We REALLY love this one. The Vegetables here are impeccable and they serve brown rice. The specials usually include a stir fried asparagus or sugarsnap pea dish that is to die for. It is very clean and the service is friendly. I assume there is a connection between these two restaurants since the name is the same and the dishes are similar.
    Try the spicy cabbage dish.

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    1. re: Ann

      Thanks for the tip, Ann. I wasted no time checking this one out, as I happened by there around lunchtime today. I took your advice, and ordered one of the specials, the broccoli and tofu over spinach noodles in curry sauce. You're right, the veggies were very fresh. However, it was my mistake to have ordered a curry, as I've always had bad luck with them if it's not at a curry house, and I tend to prefer Indian curries.

      So... I was a little disappointed with the sauce. And the noodles were a little overdone. But... the hot and sour soup was appropriately thick, adequately hot, and pleasantly full of tofu, black mushrooms, and fungus. And only $1.50 for a huge cup!

      Definitely anxious to return and try some other dishes. Thx again!

      1. re: Kara Elise

        I can't believe Veggie Foods is still there! This restaurant has been there sice the 70's. We used to love the gluten and the walnut dishes. Can't remember them too well anymore.... it has been some time.