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Nov 13, 2001 02:37 PM

DC Restaurant Week- Red Sage

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In celebration of restaurant week, some friends and I went to dinner at Red Sage Monday night. I’ve driven past Red Sage many times in the past, and was anxious to try it out. Needless to say, it was an odd experience. The upstairs, where customers first enter the restaurant, is known as the Red Sage Café. The Café has a full bar, and serves Tex-Mex fare using fresh fish and veggies. Naively, I assumed that the restaurant downstairs, which is taking part in restaurant week, would simply serve more expensive versions of the dishes served upstairs in the Café. I envisioned spicy salmon dishes, etc. I was wrong. While the dinner we were served was good, gnocchi with mushrooms and peas in a cream sauce, it was completely incongruous with the atmosphere. Like the Café, the downstairs is decorated with a south-of-the-boarder theme. However, the items on the menu hardly matched the décor. I may have well been eating at Butterfield 9 or aTenPenh. If I go again, I’ll stick to the less expensive Café upstairs.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. I'd love to try Red Sage again, but go to the Cafe upstairs - not even because of the lower prices, but for what seemed to be a better menu.

    I was disappointed with the one selection of gnocchi for Restaurant Week at Red Sage. My companions ordered that dish and, while the gnocchi was delicious and tender (not rubbery), it was still unexciting and unimpressive. I wasn't drawn to that dish, and ended up ordering the tuna with wasabi and scallion. It was tasty, but didn't blow me away. Needless to say, I was not pleased that my trip to Red Sage for the supposedly cost efficient Restaurant Week ended up costing me $60.

    The Asian inspired food along with Southwest decor was a little odd as well.

    The Red Sage Cafe (upstairs) menu sounded delicious though, and I've heard good things about it. I'll definitely head back to Red Sage, but I'll avoid the downstairs restaurant this time.