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Nov 13, 2001 10:49 AM

washington restaurant week/TenPenh

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Well, had the pre-fixe lunch yesterday at tenpenh with a friend, I have to say my socks were not blown off. My appetizer was a tasty salad with enoki mushrooms/candied walnuts, that I enjoyed, but the only vegetarian entree was a rather unexciting basket of steamed vegetables with peanut dipping sauce. Why must we vegetarians be permanently marginalized, why?? Desert was very good though-- a trio of brulees-- cocoanut, lime and coffee, and my friend got a bittersweet piece of chocolate cake with banana icecream. Overall, it was good but not great especially for the price. With a couple of drinks each/tip our bill came to about 75 clams. The decor is quite nice though, and our waiter was rather toothsome. In our after-lunch banter however, he just had to work in that he has a girlfriend, snubbed!!

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  1. TenPenh is actually one of the places that I've been to and heard about that is actually offering a decent (though not spectacular) deal during restaurant week, at least for carnivores. Your choice of appetizers is limited to either soup or salad, but you have your choice of the full range of entrees, and your choice of one of three desserts (the wonderful trio of creme brulees, the chocolate cake with ginger banana iced cream, or a coconut tapioca pudding). I, myself, got the whole fried catfish entree (with a wonderfully spicy soy dipping sauce), which was a carnivore's delight. There's nothing like picking meat of the bones of a whole fish. If you're like my dining companion and prefer your food to look less like a real fish, I'd recommend the salmon, which came with a teriyaki glaze and was atop a mound of zippy wasabi mashed potatoes. We spent just under $50 for two people (excluding tip).