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Nov 9, 2001 04:29 PM

brazillian all you can eat bar-b-que

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what is the name of that spot, like on rockville pike that has the brazillian all you can eat grub. i think it something like greens, or greenfields or something. trying to hit it for my b-day. thanks.

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  1. The place you're thinking of it Green Field Churrascaria, at 1801 Rockville Pike (just a bit south of Congressional Shopping Center, just a bit north of Montrose/Randolph Road). It's on the ground floor of an office building.

    Schedule your birthday celebration at a busy dining time - rapid turnover equals freshly-grilled meats. We went there once at a quiet time, and the grilled and fried buffet items definitely suffered from lack of turnover.

    If we go again, I'll probably stick with the duck and the sausage - the beef items tend to be cooked medium to medium-well. (I'd be more enthusiastic about the place if I could get the beef while it's still rare)

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      The secret phrase in Portuguese for "rare" is "mal passado", literally badly passed (on the fire). Try that and see what happens.

      Well done of course is "bêm passado."

      Bom apetito!