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Nov 9, 2001 03:37 PM

Del Ray Dreamery

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Went this week to the Del Ray Dreamery, a frozen custard shop in downtown Del Ray, Alexandria. Could somebody explain what IS the difference between frozen custard and ice cream?

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  1. Frozen custard is a style of ice cream which begins by cooking a custard with eggs and milk/cream, sugar and vanilla, which is then cooled and put into the ice cream maker. Ice cream can be made without eggs, just cream, sugar and flavorings.

    1. My wife is a frozen custard fan, can you give me a street address or phone number for Del Ray Dreamery?

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        The best frozen custard in the D. C. area is at Milwaukee Frozen Custard on Rt. 50 in Chantilly. They also have another store on Route 234 in Manassas. The best frozen custard within several hundred miles is at both Carl's in Fredericksburg and Klein's in Harrisonburg. The best frozen custard in America is at Kopp's in Milwaukee which is 16% butterfat. Milwaukee Frozen Custard is 13% and Carl's and Klein's are 11%. I prefer Carl's and Klein's to Milwaukee Frozen Custard in Chantilly because of the ambience of the stores, they are both from the '50's. Carl's is an Art Deco gem which has been featured in USA Today as has Kopp's. Both Carl's and Klein's have original Electro Freeze machines from the '50's. Newer Kopp's stores in Milwaukee use machines similar to Chantilly and Manassas' Milwaukee Frozen Custard.
        By the way Kohr Bros. in Seaside Heights, NJ is better than any other location because that is the only one which uses an Electro Freeze which there I believe is from the '40's.

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          You're forgetting a place even closer in Falls Church (rt. 50) called Frozen dairy Bar. Not the original owners, who sold when a strip center was built on the site of their free-standing building. But the new owners use the same custard formula and one of those electro-freeze machines you were talking about.

          1. re: Susan

            They moved several years ago to Lee Highway and operated inconsistent hours. At some point they closed and I never knew if they reopened anywhere. But the charm was gone with the new location. The custard was great but the overall experience just didn't seem the same. My wife and I got into the habit of going to Milwaukee Frozen Custard instead.
            I have to say this, though. I travel about 125 days a year on business and find myself in or passing through Milwaukee three or four times a year. Eating at Kopp's-whether it's frozen custard or a hamburger-is far superior to even Carl's in Fredericksburg. You just cannot imagine how good frozen custard can be. If you ever have the opportunity you should try them. I believe there are about four or five locations in the Milwaukee area.
            Sometime we are going to have to start a thread on here about where to find the best ice cream in America.

        2. re: Ed

          I can! It's at 2310 Mount Vernon Ave, in the heart of Del Ray which is in Alexandria, VA. Phone is 703.683.7767, and it is located right next to the St. Elmo's Coffee shop.
          To see a list of the daily custard flavors, go to, click "stands", and then select Del Ray Dreamery.