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Nov 9, 2001 11:43 AM

Dim Sum in greater DC area

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I am looking for a great dim sum restaurant in the greater DC area (a distance reasonably travelled on a Sunday morning). I read the earlier thread, but the last post was in June, and it included an address change. Are the recommendations still current? Are the restaurants still where they are listed in the earlier thread? Has anyone else eaten at Maxim's and loved it? When living in Chicago, I loved going for dim sum with a group of people and am looking to recreate the experience here in DC.

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  1. Try Fortune in Falls Church. It's on Rte. 50, probably 10 mins. from DC. While I've never been there, I have friends who swear by it. In fact, I might have to check it out this weekend. I'll let you know what I think.

    I have eaten their carry-out Chinese and been very pleased. Let us know if you go and what you think.

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      There's also a Fortune in Reston (North Point Plaza) that we have enjoyed for years. In fact, I wrote a letter to our local fishwrapper responding to an incredibly inaccurate review of Fortune that they ran.

      We used to go to the first Baileys Crossroads location but as soon as they opened in Reston we started going to that one. Haven't tried the Seven Corners one yet.

      What is especially good about Fortune's dim sum is the variety. Never once have we left without trying something that we had never seen before.

      Easy to get to. Take 66 to the Dulles Toll Rd. to Reston Pkwy north to North Point Plaza.

      1. re: Bob W.

        I went to Mark's Duck House this past weekend; its on Arlington Blvd near Patrick Henry. Very tasty, including some incredible suckling pig. You can take from the carts, or order from the menu.

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          Mark's is good for, of course, duck (and the tongues, which you'll get asked if you REALLY want if you're Anglo); but I think Fortune is better on weekends for dim sum. Mark's has always struck me as a family-style place for main dishes, hotpots and soups, whereas the dim sum as Fortune is clearly the focus. And they're right across the street from each other, so you can get carryout if you want to compare and contrast.

    2. Okay, others have mentioned NoVa spots, so here are some MD dim sum choices...

      Good Fortune in Wheaton - Parking is limited, since it's downtown Wheaton, but it's worth the hassle.

      China Chef in Wheaton - Better parking (has its own lot), but IMHO the dim sum isn't as good as Good Fortune's.

      Oriental East in Silver Spring - I've yet to go, but have friends who heap praise upon it.

      A&J Restaurant in Rockville - No carts, no frills, no credit cards, no entrees. It's all dim sum (northern Chinese style) all the time.

      New Fortune in Gaithersburg - Haven't tried this one yet, but plan to do so very soon.

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        New Fortunre in Gaithersburg is very good, but the best in MD in Oriental East, IMHO....

      2. Thanks to all who answered! It's time for me to get cracking and test all these restaurants (what a shame ;-) (-; ).