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Nov 7, 2001 09:00 AM

Washington Restaurant Week

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The week of Nov. 12-18, over 100 restaurants in the D.C. area are offering either a 3-course fixed price lunch for $20.01 or dinner for $30.01. 1789, DC Coast, Galileo, Kinkead's, TenPehn, and Neyla are all on the list.

Sounds like a great opportunity for some of us to try places that might ordinarily be a outside our budget!


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  1. Absolutely! When I lived in NYC as a student, Restaurant Week was my only chance of getting a sniff at the upscale resturants. Glad to see that DC has followed suit.

    I've already made reservations at 1789 and Butterfield 9 for consecutive nights. Equinox doesn't seem to be answering the phone just yet.

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    1. re: Silent Bob

      I just made a booking for four for Tuesday at Butterfield 9, one of my local faves. I don't have three to go with yet, so if anyone is interested, let me know.

      1. re: James

        James: I'd love to join a group of "'hounds" at Butterfield 9 for the Restaurant Week Lunch Special. Sounds like too good a deal to let it slip by! That leaves two spots remaining. Anybody else need a break from the work-a-day grind?

        1. re: Bill

          We have one spot left at Butterfield 9 (a friend of mine is joining).