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Nov 6, 2001 03:19 PM


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Does anyone have any experience of a Japanese place called Makato in NW DC? If so, can you share them with me?? I hear it is supposed to be true kaiseki style Japanese.

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  1. If its the place I'm thinking of it's called Makoto and it's on Macarthur Blvd. It's no bargain but the food's terrific. The kitchen is very inflexible, though, and would not provide a bowl of steamed rice for the one nonadventurous diner among us.

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      Makoto is very small, so be sure to call for a reservation. I live in the neighborhood, and have tried to drop in early a couple of times and have been turned away. I have been there several times, though and the food has been uniformly excellent. You can sit at the bar and order yakitori by the piece, which is fabulous, or sushi -- though I think there are better places for sushi. The kaiseki dinner is awesome. There was an article in the Post about someone who wouldn't buy bottled water when she was refused a request for tap water. the woman went into the bathroom and got tap water for herself--and the chef/owner kicked her out. He said that he uses filtered water for his cooking, and tap water ruins the taste of his food.

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        Well, it certainly sounds like a very intense place. I have a reservation for tonight, so will post my opinion of the place (if I don't get kicked out) tomorrow.