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Nov 6, 2001 01:30 PM

big disappointment at ixia in baltimore city

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just had dinner at ixia. the prices are that of nyc but food was that of microwaved meal. it seems to be getting progressively worse. any thoughts from other chow hounds??

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  1. We may have all stopped going altogether after the last barrage of negative postings.

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    1. re: vordygal

      yea, true, I guess I've been scared off. I haven't taken a meal there since Ed Kim bailed out.

      1. re: Lucien

        We went there once before the chef left and had a fantastic meal. The sea bass marinated overnight in miso was great. I've heard bad things too, since he left. My parents went with another couple the other night for the first time and said it was good, but their tastes are pretty traditional, so I'm not sure that they have anything to compare it to.
        I heard the "old" chef is going to be opening a new place in Federal Hill, location is still under wraps as I think they might still be negotiating the lease. he has a great background from what i understand. Union Square in NYC and worked at some reat DC places as well.

        1. re: Gus

          i agree. it seems to be getting progressively worse. i heard the owner has a strong background in 24/7 diner. maybe that's her only strong point, being in the diner business

          1. re: james

            The diner is the Paper Moon Diner on 28th street. It's not like your typical diner food, but it's good and open 24/7. A lot of college kids and it gets a decent lunch crowd and it's booming for Sunday brunch. Not too many places to go for a good brunch, where you can actually be seated in a reasonable period of time.
            I know she owns it, but she has nothing to do with the kitchen aspect, other than hiring the college kids to cook. The deserts are fantasic and check out the sweet potato fries. (I work close by and it's always the prefered lunch spot.)