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Nov 3, 2001 09:26 AM

Full Kee in Virginia

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Finally made it out to Bailey's Crossroads to check out the suburban version of Full Kee. I can report that it is quite good. Once you get over the shock of a bright, clean interior with a tank full lobsters and crabs in front, the noodle kitchen in the back, and credit card decals on the door, you are seated and the identical menu to downtown is presented.

They were pushing the lobster special--$26 for two good size lobsters--and, even though I am not a particular fan of lobster, I found the dish, stir fried in the shell with ginger and scallion, excellent--the lobster was meaty and tasty and the sauce balanced and well suited to the dish. The broccoli Vietnamese style was perfectly cooked and the clams were tasty, although there was an excess of cornstarch in the sauce--something that doesn't happen in the Chinatown location.

I don't know how freqently I will get out there, but it is certainly is up to the standards of downtown.

Jim Zurer
Washington DC

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  1. Jim, I think I saw you eating in there last Thursday (?) night! I saw them take out two lobsters from the tank and deliver it to you and your companion at a side table. I was quite jealous!

    Anyway, I had the beef brisket and egg noodles (with the soup on the side), 1/4 of the roast duck and a shrimp dish that I can't remember the name of. Quite good, especially for 20 bucks for two people.

    For you non-Cantonese speaking chowhounds, don't fret. The waitresses are quite adept at english, and you can always point to the menu. I think you can use Mandarin though, because I heard other diners using it (I was too bashful to try).

    Thank goodness they opened this branch, now I can swing by on the weekends while running errands. Yes, they take credit cards and the place is much cleaner/brighter/newer than the Chinatown location, but the food is the same. Happy eating!