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Nov 3, 2001 08:13 AM

Taste of New Orleans

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I would like to know if anyone has been to the Taste of New Orleans in the Aspen Hill area of Mont Co?

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  1. Haven't been, but read the review and it doesn't sound authentic at all, so it was a turn-off for me. Try Louisanna Express in Bethesda (Bethesda Ave. across from Beth. Crabhouse) for authentic, cheap NO food at a divey place. And breakfast is fantastic, try the eggs Sardou!!!!


    1. As the previous respondent pointed out, the menu is not terribly authentic. I went there with a group of friends last week... it's not a spectacular restaurant by any means, but the food is good enough for occasions when food isn't the focus. My friends enjoyed their meals - the favorite seemed to be the crabcakes. A magician goes from table to table on weekend nights, but he seemed to be avoiding us.

      My husband had the Cajun catfish, and the fact that he ate the whole thing with no problem is a sign that the spicing is mild. The review in the Post's Montgomery weekly section mentioned the alligator nuggest (Gator Bites). Don't bother. I happen to like alligator, but these nuggets taste like nothing but fried batter. Could have been cauliflower under that coating, and we might not have noticed the difference. I tried the Crawfish Festival, which was a rather generous heap of boiled crawfish plus a couple boiled veggies (a small potato and half an ear of corn). The crawfish could have used some actual seasoning - I doubt there was even a single peppercorn in the boiling water.

      The night we were there, about 60% of the patrons were seniors (presumably from the nearby Leisure World complex). The food is lightly seasoned, so they'll keep coming back. I'd rather not, but my husband liked it a lot. (bear in mind that he likes unexciting food, so this is perfect for him)

      The bathrooms are very pleasant

      Go to Louisiana Express instead. Or if you're in the Aspen Hill area anyway, there's a Japanese restaurant in the shopping center at Connecticut and Aspen Hill Rd (can't remember the name, but it's not bad).

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        Chicken Little

        Thanks for the advise. I think we may try it for the mufulattas(sp) and the po boys. Will let you know.

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          Yes, please post a report! I'd love to have a good oyster po'boy nearby. Well, an acceptable one will do. My standards for regional food are slacker outside the region (otherwise I'd have to avoid Mexican food... oh, how I miss living in California sometimes).

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            chicken little

            Well, we went there last night and sadly po'boys and muffalettas are only on the lunch menu. Because it was not that busy we could order them but they were out of oysters so we settled for the muffalettas which were good but would be better if they were hot pressed. They seem to be trying to please and we will try again. They do have an early bird.I think that is the reason for the older crowd.