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Nov 2, 2001 09:13 AM

Full Kee Get-together?

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I have been trying to get a group of people to go for lunch at Full Kee in Chinatown from work for some time, but this is definitely a non-Chowhound place and I have had no luck. Anyone planning to go anytime soon and looking for an extra (Chinese-speaking!) participant?? I'm a nice guy...

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  1. Sorry....I have been out of town and am just now getting back into the swing of things. I would be happy to join a group going to Full Kee.....let's set a date and time.

    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC

    PS I did get your e-mail and have responded.

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    1. re: Jim Zurer

      I'm relatively new to the board, but if you guys would be interested in initiating a fellow "hound" to the all the wonders of Full Key that I've been reading about...please email me with the date you choose. I'm only a few blocks away and I always travel with a very ambitious appetite.

      1. re: Jim Zurer

        I would like to go also. I'm pretty flexible (lunch/dinner) weekdays, but weekends would be hard. Please e-mail me with details.

        Had Eat First for lunch a few weeks ago. YUM, I missed that place!


      2. I'm in -- late this week is good for me, or next.

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        1. re: JRinDC

          I would be down with doing dinner sometime also, I cannot do lunch during the week as I work in the hinterlands (rockville). email me at my hotmail address.

        2. What a great idea! Dinner would work better for me than lunch though. Please let me know the date and time, and I'll do my best to be there.

          1. The Full Kee get together went great....six Chowhounds were at the table and we had a great time. The menu included Hong Kong style wontons in soup (no noodles), clams in black bean sauce, pork and bean curd, chicken and eggplant casserole, leek flowers, singapore style noodles, and--the highlight--lobster stir-fried with ginger and scallion. The food and the company were both outstanding.

            We hope to reconvene soon for an exploration of some of the more exotic dishes on the Full Kee menu.

            Jim Zurer
            Washington DC

            PS THe restaurant was quite full for a Wednesday lunch....attributable to the recent NY Times article, perhaps?

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            1. re: Jim Zurer


              You did a superb job, and I agree with you that the food was intelligent and sophisticated, and the company was spicy, chewy and altogether savory.


            2. James,

              Thank you for arranging the lunch yesterday, which was a total success in my view. Jim Zurer did a great job of ordering, and now that we've got our (webbed) feet wet, I think you and I and the others should take over that department next time. I would opt for the oyster casserole, and lose the curried dish, but I would definitely repeat the lobster with ginger and scallions, and the leeks.

              Looking over these messages, there seems to be a groundswell for doing dinner. How does that suit your schedule? Either way is good for me. One way or the other, I think we should reassemble in about 3 weeks. Is that tenable?


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              1. re: StephenB

                Count me in! I'd love to join the group for dinner at Full Kee. I live in Alexandria, so either the Chinatown or Baileys Crossroads location would work for me. Please post details once you've decided on a date for the next get-together.

                1. re: NancyDC

                  Dinner would work for me. My partner would be unable to join in (he doesn't eat seafood anyway) so it would be just me. I think I may be in Moscow in early Dec, but otherwise, I'm around.