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Oct 31, 2001 03:10 PM

crab puffs

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please help me. i visited maryland a number of years ago. i live in calif now but i will never forget the crab puffsi had in theglen burney / rivera beach area. if you know the name adress and telephone number i will be forever grateful also does anyone have the recipe. please feel free to go to map click calif then los angeles give my name dotty and i will try to ans. questions about the hunting beach/garden grove/ anaheim area thank you

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  1. I have two cookbooks published by the "Seafood Marketing Authority" of the State of Maryland titled "Maryland Seafood," books one and two. Between the two there are probably forty to fifty recipes which include crab. I also have a number of menus for seafood restaurants going back into the '60's including Busch's Chesapeake Inn, The Crab Claw in St. Michael's and a few others.
    Nowhere is a "crab puff" mentioned. What I thought I had at Bo Brooks was a "crab fluff" not a "puff." But if this is it I have the recipe. Basically it involves making small crab balls, about one and one half inches in diameter (breadcrumbs, egg, mayo, worcestershire, dry mustard, crab), then making a batter (flour, baking powder, Old Bay, celery seed, eggs, mayo, mustard, milk), coating the balls with the batter and then deep frying.
    If these batter fried crab "fluffs" are it I'll post the actual recipe.
    I also found another book called "The Official Crab Eater's Guide to the Chesapeake Bay." This is fascinating because the author spent years eating his way around Maryland and lists every seafood restaurant he can find along with every one of their crab dishes. There are about 300 restaurants listed in the book which is dated 1985.
    Of interest is that there are a number of entrees for Glen Burnie/Pasadena (Spittel's Half Shell, Gunning of Stony Creek, Chesapeake Bay Seafood, Crab Alley, Dietrich, Crabtowne USA, Marino's, Capt. Dick's Crabs Galore!, etc.). Virtually every one of them lists a crab "fluff." But "fluffs" are not found (or at least listed) in many of the other restaurants in the book. These probably were a specialty of that area-if these are what you remember.
    Anyway, I knew there was some value in having over 300 cookbooks. Seems that I've spent years waiting for the moment to do this kind of research!