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Oct 31, 2001 02:31 PM

Place for good dessert in DC/NoVA?

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Subject heading says it all. Ideally, one would be able to sit and chat with others for a few hours without being nudged out by the waitstaff. There are tons of places like this in NYC but I haven't found one yet in this area.

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  1. The Tabard Inn on N street (between 17th and Connecticut) has good dessert and a great atmosphere. If you're looking for loud and busy - Kramerbooks has dessert and it's open late. One of my favorites is the new Ritz Carlton - there's a lounge that serves dessert and usually has live music.

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    1. re: Winnie

      I was afraid you were going to mention Kramerbooks -- not because their food is bad -- actually I've been there several times and the desserts are decent, but was just hoping for something better. The same goes for Xando.

      The Tabard Inn seems like a place that wouldn't be dessert-only, but I could be wrong.

      1. re: Silent Bob

        I actually went to Tabard Inn recently for dessert only and it was well worth it. We sat out back on the patio and enjoyed some tasty desserts. I have not been during the cold weather months but I understand there is a nice room with a fireplace.

        1. re: Winnie

          I went to the Tabard Inn recently on a cold night. Had a good dessert with a nice drink in an excellent atmosphere by a warm fire on a comfy couch with good company. Highly recommended.
          Citronelle in Georgetown has excellent desserts and you can sit in the bar area where there is a more relaxed dress code until late.
          DC in general is not a late city, many of the best restaurants stop service at 10. If you find any other good places for a quality end to an evening, let us know.

    2. Xando's, both in DC and the one in Old Town. Can be kinda loud sometimes, but they have good seating and desserts.

      1. I've never eaten there, but I've heard good things about Mimi's on P St. I've been told they have great desserts.

        1. You might try Cafe Marianna in Alexandria (n. Old Town). I think the owner was a pastry chef in New Orleans before opening this place. I have had several very good desserts there, the bread pudding comes to mind (especially when warmed). You can go to the pastry case to check out the selection. I've not felt rushed there, but have not lingered until the wee hours, being an early evening person by nature. They have a cozy dining room, and its casual. I haven't been in a year or so (I moved out of the area).