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Oct 31, 2001 12:28 PM

Shogun - all u can eat

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Besides $10, what's the difference between Shogun's all you can eat on Wednesday and various sushi buffets throughout the area?


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  1. The difference between Shogun's deal and the various buffets available in the area is simple and significant.

    At Shogun, you sit at the sushi bar and order from the menu (somewhat limited, but pretty extensive). The sushi is prepared as you order. The limit of one hour has never been an obstacle and the staff are extremely friendly, as are the regulars who you meet at the bar.

    Remember,it is only Wednesday evening and only at the sushi is not the best sushi in the world but it is pretty good and it is a great value for most people.

    We have been going for about six years and try to combine Shogun with attending Orioles games--a family phenomenon known as sushi-baseball or baseball-sushi, depending on whether the game is in the afternoon or at night.

    Check it out....I would be interested in your opinion.

    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC