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Jan 31, 2001 11:02 AM

SF Chron Tahoe route picks

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We are driving up to Northstar at 3pm today and need to eat en route. Today and last weeks food section had recommendations, we are driving I80, mentioned last week (article attached). Any good in these recommendations for Davis and beyond? Was thinking Murder Burger (ugh) if we feel like a quickish stop, or Pianeta if we make it to Truckee without stopping. For a nice dinner out later should we pick Plumpjack? Any reason to go to Reno? Thanks.

Link: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article...

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  1. Sorry you may not get this...

    Ikeda's is my fave for eating en route. Love those pies.

    In Truckee the only place I love is Christy Hill (fine dining, reservations needed. In summer, perfect meal out on the heated patio. We watched the full moon rise over the lake...)

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      Ikeda's is quite the scene....love their pies. Especially the banana cream pie! Yum. Good grazing on the sample tables - many different salsas to try. I've seen some people try and make a meal of this! I find the burgers and such to be good but not memorable. Not a bad alternative to the fast food temples, though.
      Deep selection of dried fruits and nuts and fresh fruit also. Actually they have a lot of things, period. And seem to employ a huge portion of the local high school population and they are usually very pleasant.

      1. re: gordon wing

        Thanks to both of you for the Ikeda's rec. I missed your posts before we left. It was on the list, but closed when we passed it. We tried 4 places and the recommendations were extremely disappointing for the most part. So low end that we could not have done worse on our own, or been happier eating fast food and saving money, if that was the best to be had. It speaks very poorly for the newspaper that they had such bad places on without even qualifying them if that was the best around.

        1. re: Anne
          Melanie Wong

          Sorry you had to be the guinea pig. You've provided a valuable public service.