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Oct 29, 2001 01:47 PM

November's Washingtonian Magazine

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The cover article this month is Great Food to Go. They call it a "Guide to the best quick meals from gourmet markets, ethnic-food stores, supermarkets and more." A lot of it is predictable, but there were a couple of new places to me, anyway. Worth thumbing through at the news-stand at least.

They had kind of a neat article last month too. They sent out eleven couples to eleven great local restaurants to celebrate a made-up "special occassion," (e.g. anniversary or the likes), and report back. It was interesting because these were not professional reviewers, and so they largely put themselves in the restaurants/waiters hands to make menu recommendations, suggest wines, etc.

I was happy to read that no establishment "took advantage" of this openness in anyway, and almost universally, the couples had wonderful evenings. What was a little surprising was how easily all of them seemed to rationalize paying $200+ for a nice dinner out.

Their website updates standard restaurant reviews and annual dining guides with about a one month lag, but unfortunately, these articles are not accessable via the web.

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  1. It's easier to rationalize a $200 meal when it's someone else's $200!