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Oct 27, 2001 02:39 AM

Boba/Bubble tea/ pearl tea

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Hello everyone..i'm from Hawaii and bubble tea is a BIG thing..i'm currently a student at American University and i've been craving a bubble tea for a long time but i can't find a place that sells it!! are there any in chinatown or do i have to go out towards virginia and maryland?? can you guys help me out?? i have no car..sooo a place where i can get to by metro would be awesome! thanks! bye!

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  1. I just had bubble tea for the first time--got it at the Eden Center in Falls Church--Seven Corners (Wilson Blvd near Leesburg Pike). There are several places that serve bubble tea (and coffee), good choices for pho, and Hong Que, possibly the best Vietnamese restaurant in the area.

    1. Also available at two places in Wintergreen Plaza in Rockville. least during the summer, bubble tea was available at Teaism (all three of them, I think), as "Zanzhou Pearls." Teaism's were my favorite by far; really was tea, as opposed to the highly sweetened powders/fruit tastes from the other places that were good for a couple of sips but then too cloying.