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Oct 25, 2001 11:42 AM

Argentine Restaurants in DC or Northern VA

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What are the best Argentine places in the DC/Northern VA area? I am looking for very good, traditional food (obviously killer beef, milanesas, chorizos, morcillas--that's blood sausage for the uninitiated, etc.) and good Argentine wine selection. Can be on the pricier side. Tango dancing and/or music not needed. I'm a recent arrival here and my parents (both Argentines) are visiting in a few weeks. Thanks much, Patrick

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  1. The best answer to many questions of the "What is the best [blank]ian cuisine in the area" is to visit Tyler Cowen's guide at the address below. I haven't tried any, although I've often driven by the "Copa" on Lee Highway.

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      Thanks Bob. Excellent tip. I have been to La Copa. It is pretty good. I am hoping to find something better.

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        I just saw this post now while searching for Argentine restaurants in the DC/Northern VA area and was wondering if you ended finding any good restaurants ? Where did you end up brining your parents ? Thanks in advance!

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          We were in Argentina in April and went to Del Campo in DC immediately after we got back and it held up pretty well to the great Argentine parrillas -- but at probably four times the price. Also way more vegetables than any steakhouse we went to in Argentina.

          The menu includes proveleta, tira de asada (ribs), empanadas, mollejas (sweetbreads), tongue, chorizo, morcilla, and choripan. But bring money, it's expensive.

          A lesser Argentine restaurant that is good and much more affordable is Chicken and Steak Las Brasas on South Four Mile Run in Arlington, right next to the DMV. It doubles as a Peruvian chicken place, but there is an Argentine mixed grill on the menu (with morcilla) that's not bad at all. And it's cheap.

    2. Here is my report on El Patio in Rockville. Might be worth a look for the World Cup final, more for the people watching than the food:

      1. My family is Argentine too and I grew up somewhere (Queens, NY) with easier access to Argie food.. :)

        I am NOT a fan of El Patio. The food is mediocre and their people skills are horrific . Here is my 4 year old report of their old location:

        I've heard good things about Del Campo (it's pricey though). I was recently one of the judges at the DC installment of the Lamb Jam where their chef, Chef Victor Albisu, won "Best in Leg" with an empanada dish. I wrote about it here:

        You may want to just go Brazilian rodizio and go to Chima or Fogo De Chau but they aren't cheap either.

        On a side note, you can get good facturas, masitas (sp?), and empanadas Thurs-Sunday at Tango Pastry near Huntington. Their Argentine Pizza didn't wow me, but I've had better versions in Queens, NY.

        BTW, there are local Latin markets where you can get Argentine style sausages and morcillas if you want to fire the grill up. :) (Euro Latino in Arlington comes to mind).

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          Thanks for everyone's tips ! I'm super excited about trying the restaurants you guys mentioned and am TOTALLY craving some MEAT !!

        2. There used to be a couple of Argertine women selling very good empanadas at the Sunday street market in Adams Morgan (in the small triangular park in front of Churreria Madrid.) I have not been in a while, but I was impressed when I had them. Baked, not wet or oily, and full flavored.