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Oct 25, 2001 08:09 AM

Centreville Area recommendations

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I have been living in the Centreville area for about five years now, having moved there from Old Town Alexandria (and several years overseas) and am ever on the lookout for good dining options in the vicinity. It's gotten to the point that we consider an evening at Sweetwater Taven a fancy night out. It used to be that we would go to Simply Bistro (near George Mason) for a nice meal, but they're gone now. Surely someone must have some recommendations!

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  1. James: a few months ago I wrote a lengthy post on eateries in the Chantilly area. We're only four miles up Route 28!

    How about Chez Marc on Route 28?

    The Blue Iguana in Fair Lakes is good for a nice night out. You can certainly dress up, but you don't have to, and the food is fairly sophisticated.

    The 11787 Bistro in the Holiday Inn at the Fair Oaks Mall is also good, as is the restaurant in the Fair Lakes Hyatt. What's good about these hotel restaurants is that they LOVE locals! Tables are never hard to come by on weekends, either.

    In general, this area is much better for family dining/ethnic dining/downright cheap dining than "fine dining," but it's not a barren wasteland either.

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