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Oct 22, 2001 08:34 PM

Crab Advice, Please

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I have a sweet memory of eating spicy steamed crabs in a semi-open air pavilion, on brown paper with mallets and the whole bit, and thinking I was in heaven, when I was about 10 years old. Will be visiting area next week, and would LOVE to know of a decent place in or near Baltimore to go for a similar meal. Any suggestions?

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  1. Gunnings (south Baltimore) or Cantlers (outside Annapolis)...definitely have good crabs and the atmosphere you remember!

    1. Whereever you end up going, I'd advise calling the restaurant and finding out if they have Maryland crabs or Louisiana/Texas crabs. I think that Maryland crabs are sweeter and have more flavor than crabs from out-of-state.

      However, because it is the end of the crab season, it'll be more difficult to find Maryland crabs.

      In this vein, try the Crack Pot Resaurant, Kelly's near Fells Point, or Obryckis. NOTE: Obryckis uses a black pepper/mustard spice, which is much different from the standard Old Bay.

      Happy Eating!

      1. We had a wonderful crab feast at Mike's Restaurant and Crab House if you will be in the Annapolis area.