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Oct 22, 2001 12:07 PM

Tuscana West

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I ate at Tuscana West for the first time last week. The food was good, ambitious menu. The restaurant has a lot of potential but the service was sporadic at best. After the food was delivered we were not asked if it was prepared right or we needed anything. We had to ask to be served bread like the rest of the cusomers had. We asked to see the desert menu and were never given it or checked on the rest of the evening.

Has anyone else experienced this, or was it just an off night? I don't want to go back if this is the standard of their service.

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  1. I have not experienced very good food or service at Tuscana West, however, you needn't worry about returning. My understanding is that the restaurant either is already or is about to be closed for good.

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      Sorry about that. I have not been to Tuscana in a long time and have no report! The mouse is disconcerting though.

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        As of now they are still open. I am not sure if/when they are closing.

      2. I have eaten lunch there several times and the service has been fine. I will tell you however that last time we were there, there was a mouse in the dessert display case.

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          That seals the deal then. Not going back. Thanks.

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          Dawn Steadman

          I went to Tuscana West last Friday night and had a terrible experience. The food tasted good at the time, but our server was inattentive. Worst of all, three of our party of six were seized with bad stomach cramps later that evening. When we called to complain, they dismissed it and insisted that we must have all eaten something else that got us sick. Needless to say, we won't be going back!

          1. Your experience sounds like par for the course for this place. We just had a large office party at Tuscana West and I "shall never return." They did not have enough food. When we brought this to the manager's attention, they were rude and made pathetic excuses. When I asked for a cup of coffee at the end of the meal, they tried to charge an additional $2.75 after acknowledging that they had run out of food! What an odd way to attempt to build a clientele. I will never go back.