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Oct 21, 2001 03:26 PM

Au Pied de Cochon --- Any good ???

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Friend told me to definetly try it...but my fiancee's bro disagrees...(We are in Annandale and are visiting from Seattle) If not Au Pied, any suggestions for Geogetown ???

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  1. No. Terrible. A must miss. Avoid, except at 2 a.m. when there is nowhere else to eat. Try Bistro Lepic instead.

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    1. re: Scott N.
      Jason L Cheung

      Thanks so much for the tip !!!

      1. re: Scott N.

        Truly awful. I would never recommend this place to out of towners. I prefer virtually every other restaurant in Georgetown to Au Pied.

        Bistro Lepic is a very good choice. On the high end, consider 1789 or Citronelle. In the middle range, along with Lepic, consider Neyla (mid-eastern) or Red Ginger (Carribean). On the truly casual side Georgetown restaurants are all fair to middling. For BBQ, try Old Glory. For general pub food and an active scene, maybe J.Pauls or Martins Tavern. I've had a decent meal or two (Italian) at Paper Moon, but it's been a few years. For the scene, but not necessarily the food, head down to Georgetown Harbor (Sequoia, Tony and Joes and whatever else is there these days). It's fun but the food is merely fair and it's kind of overpriced. Better off eating up at Lepic or Red Ginger and going down to the Harbor for the view and a drink.

        The lowliest Georgetown kabob shack is heads and shoulder's above Au Pied, which is quite frankly a dive. It's only claim to fame is late night dining, and for that I'd rather go to Bistro Francais, or head to Dupont or Adams Morgan.

      2. I normally hate to pile on, but Au Pied de Cochon really is disastrous, having been several times. I once actually had the pig's feet (it was something like 3:00am and it seemed like a good idea at the time). They were even worse than I had feared they would be.
        The one redeeming characteristic is that Vitali Yurchenko (the Soviet "defector" and "redefector") in 1986 ditched his CIA contact there during dinner and fled safely to Moscow. It probably had something to do with the food.