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Oct 18, 2001 10:24 PM

New Restaurants

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend a relatively new restaurant in the Washington area for a special occasion (a birthday dinner?)


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  1. You didn't give us much to go on -- type of food? cost? Location? Atmosphere? Truthfully, I'm more aware of things closing right now than opening but here are a couple ideas.

    The new Oval Room near Laffayette Park. The dining room has been completely refurbished and the chef brought in from Union Pacific in NYC. Had lunch the other day (see my review below) and it was quite good, but I need to try more things before I'll rave. You might consider Tosca for Italian. Check out Tom Sietsema's review of the kinds of dishes they do best. Maybe Neyla in Georgetown for upscale Mediterranean. For immense seafood dishes - the Oceanaire is sort of new and good.

    On the other hand, why limit yourself to new openings? I'll bet there's a place on this list you haven't tried and you can be assured of fine food: Citronelle, Obelisk, Equinox, Gerard's Place, Vidalia, Butterfield 9, Tabard Inn, Cafe Atlantico, Ten Pehn, Melrose. Try one of these and you won't go wrong.

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      In Bethesda, try Persimmon or Black's.


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        The birthday girl requested that we take her to a "new" restaurant. I think that Oceannaire may be NEW to her so thanks for the suggestions.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I've wanted to try Persimmon and I love Blacks.

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          Good list. You invest your calories wisely.

        3. Palena -- the back room.