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Oct 16, 2001 10:19 AM

Holly's at Kent Narrows

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Stopped at Holly's for lunch last Sunday. It was jammed, as usual. And as usual, we had to wait no more than 5 minutes for a table. And as usual, we had to wait no more than another minute after being seated for a waitress to take our drink order. And as usual, she brought a beer and an iced tea in less than 30 seconds. The service at Holly's is always amazing.

Holly's does have the best Maryland Crab Soup I've ever had. It is a touch salty, but it should be. It's packed with vegetables, including cabbage and tomatoes, nice pieces of crab, and a wonderful undertone of Old Bay throughout.

I had the Fried Crab Cake Sandwich. While not winning any awards on K Street, it is exactly what I wanted. A large, firm cake, freshly fried on a nice soft roll with very good tartar sauce on the side. My wife had the Maryland Fried Chicken Platter with side orders of Stewed Lima Beans and Whipped Potatoes with Chicken Gravy. Heaven.

Don't remember what each thing cost. But with two beers and one iced tea, bowl of soup and two entrees, the whole bill was less than $25 bucks. For a downtown guy with and Amex bill to challenge the mortgage payment, the entire experience was a delight that I am still reminiscing about on Tuesday.

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  1. The best part is that the LOCALS patronize it - it remains almost undiscovered by Washingtonians & Bal'merians zooming by to the beaches. They'd rather stop by one of the large, overpriced seafood houses at Kent Narrows...

    Holly's crab soup is fine (altho the small size is literally in a tall coffee mug, which is awkward to spoon out of), they have very good fried chicken, sandwiches & desserts. Prices are great. Home-cooked comfort food.

    I also recommend 2 more comfort-food places on the way to the beach that has some seafood on the menu, and prices are great: Jimmy's Diner in Bridgeville (nr Rt 113) & Southern Grille near Ellendale(?) on Rt 16?. Nothing fancy, but worth a stop!

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      The Southern Grill in Ellendale was my favorite restaurent in DE. Used to detour out of our way from Wilmington to Lewes. Sadly it's now closed.

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        Zman: I have good news for you! The Southern Grill basically moved over to Jimmy's in Bridgeville. The menu is the same, the recipes are the same, and the portions are massive!

    2. The Narrows at Kent Narrows has excellent crab cakes. High quality, with high ratio of jumbo lump crab.