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Jan 30, 2001 12:08 AM

Ferndale/Eureka: where to eat?

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Will be spending time in Ferndale next month--any restaurant recommendations? Also would like recommendations on the way there from SF. Staying @ Gingerbread Mansion Inn--any feedback?

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  1. Jennifer, you've been a wonderful new contributor to this board. I hope you get some good tips now that it's your turn. You might also search/take a look at the California board.

    It's been more than 5 years since I visited that part of the world myself. At the time I had a very nice dinner at the Benbow Inn in Garberville before heading back to Sonoma County.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thanks, Melanie. Coming from you that's a high compliment.
      Thanks to all for the old and new Eureka tips--I'll report back next month.
      (I've been dreading this trip--I let my husband choose where he wanted to go for his birthday. He ignored my recommendations and chose Ferndale of all places! But now I'm looking forward to it because I have all of your recommendations to look forward to.)

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        Other than the one splurge at Benbow, I ate very simply. Had superb salmon a couple times from restaurants who emphasized they had their own boats/suppliers.

        I passed through Ferndale (in a rush to make my dinner in Garberville) quickly. Just enough time to take a look at the Victorians on the walking tour. Later I learned that one of my close friend's family were founders of the town. Next time I'll have her show me around.

    2. In Ferndale, there’s a casual place that would be perfect for lunch called “Curley’s Grill”. Sorry I can’t be of more help, maybe you can glean some good info from the thread linked to below.


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      1. re: Heather

        Sorry, I have to reiterate here, DO NOT MISS THE FLOUR GARDEN!

        I have posted in detail about this bakery that I used to work at (see link), but I just wanted to strongly suggest that you make it in there. Try a bowl of Kevin’s soup with a savory pastry and a sweet espresso drink or fresh squeezed juice and follow it up with a treat from the bakery case. You will not be sorry, you will probably try to buy one of everything to take home with you, and you will make me very happy if you close your eyes and send me the flavors psychically.

        Yes, I am a fanatic about this place, maybe even a junkie, and I haven’t been back in way too long (living in So Cal now).

        Be warned that last time I was there their hours were 6 or 7 am to 3 pm M - F.

        712 5th St
        Eureka, CA 95501
        (707) 443-1890


      2. If you like great chocolate, Do Not miss the opportunity to check out Sjaak's Fine Chocolates, which is at 425 Snug Alley in Eureka. They make the best chocolates I've ever tried: better than Nirvana, better than anything at Cocobeans in Berkeley, much better than Godiva. Try their 1-lb Belgian selection, and set aside some quality time to enjoy them!