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Oct 9, 2001 02:58 PM

thanks for the baltimore suggestions

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thank and i wil be sure to let you know how things pan out.
also does anyone know of a good asian market and a latino grocery in town?

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  1. For Asian groceries, I usually head to the place on 32nd St (Or maybe it's 31st...) just past Greenmount Ave, headed away from Charles Village. It's a Thai market, but they have plenty of other goodies. There's also a decent Korean (I think) market on the corner of North Ave and Maryland Ave.

    There are some great Latino groceries in Fells' Point - and I'm spacing on the location... I always just go by sight. On Aliceanna, east of Broadway?

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      Not being a bona-fide chowhound, I'm far too timid about some of the Latino places on Upper Broadway, but Shmingrid was right, I think, in pointing you there.

      And you know what, Thairish does have a burned-oil smell. But I still like their Phrik Pao, even though it does taste like burned oil now. Oh well, the guy at the counter is still a sweet potato.

    2. Haven't been there myself, but try Guadalupe Mexican Restaurant and Grocery, which takes up a good chunk of the corner of Wolfe Street and Eastern Avenue in Fells Point. A smaller shop located on S. Broadway is called Tienda Rosita.

      On the other hand, I do know Asian stores. There are two HUGE ones (former supermarkets) about 30 minutes away where Route 40 and Route 29 meet. One is called Lotte; I don't remember the other one's name but they are in competition. If you need something closer, I can usually find whatever I need at Asia Foods on York Road about two blocks away from Cold Spring. They are primarily a wholesaler to local restaurants, so they all the important stuff.

      P.S. There was an article earlier this year in the Sun about ethnic grocery stores, you can probably pull it off their archive (with small charge).

      Good Shopping!

      1. Hey Caroline-

        Let us know what you find out for Latino stores; I have a couple Texas-exes over here that are really jonesing. I agree that you can find most of what you need at Asia Food on York Road (north of Coldspring Lane, so it is the closest to you), although I haven't yet checked out the big stores asun mentioned.