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Oct 9, 2001 09:44 AM

Vigorelli - Cleveland Park

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Has anyone eaten at Vigorelli in Cleveland Park? We ate there on Sunday and I was completely unimpressed. To start, they didn't have all of the wine on their menu. When we did find a bottle they had in stock, the waitress mangled the cork which, by the time she got the bottle open, was in numerous pieces. She did not offer to get us a different bottle which is the usual custom when something like this happens. Next, they do not have bread except for the "pizza bread" you can order from the appetizer menu. The bread was quite tasty but again I was surprised that an Italian restaurant does not serve bread. I had a foccacia crusted tuna which was good but another in my party had some sort of pasta with cranberry beans and basil pesto. The dish was incredibly unappetizing looking and in fact was so unappealing that it was sent back. The manager came over to apologize and it was she who said that she thinks the noodles look like worms. Overall I was completely underwhelmed with the restaurant. I'd be interested to know what others' experiences there were like.

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    Geoff Laredo

    I've had equally disappointing experiences there, and have given up on them. My complaint was more about the service and attitude than the food; food was o.k. Also, prices for some of the little plates were definitely higher than they should be. This should be a comfortable neighborhood place (I live right down the street) but unfortunately it is not.

    I've also eaten a couple of times at the Arenella (SP???) grill on the roof. Much better experience up there. I know there was a dispute with the zoning commission, tho', so not actually sure that that space is still open.

    1. When I go there, I always just get the pizza, it's the same (or similar) to Coppi's on U Street....