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Oct 9, 2001 12:09 AM

Baltimore Happy hour Meet?

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O.k., so it sounds like we have a critical mass now of Baltimore resident hounds. I say it is time for a hoedown. I suggest meeting for drinks in the happy hour range, someplace that has a decent amount of space. Tusk Lounge, Brewers' Art, Explorer's, even the bar at Charleston...What say Ye? What is a good day for everyone..say, the week of 10/15???

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  1. Sounds great - I'm ALL about happy hour! I work Friday and Saturday nights, but any week night would be "do-able".

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    1. re: Shmingrid

      Would love love a c-hound happy-hour. but next week we open here at Center Stage (where good tickets are still available for "The Pajama Game" ;-).

      Thursdays are my bowling night. really.

    2. I'm in.

      Did I miss some grand openings while I was travelling. . . .where are the Tusk Lounge and Explorer's??


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      1. re: Darin

        Tusk Lounge is the 2nd-floor bar at the Brass Elephant. (I know they're not doing tapas anymore, I'm not sure whether they're still even using the name Tusk Lounge.) The City Paper recently gave it a "best of," but I find it too often not ready for prime time. The staff always seems at odds with each other, and they're overly proud of their cd selections. The upstairs rooms are pretty, although at dusk-time, they take on an unwholesome feel.

        Explorers Lounge (or is it club) is at the Harbor Court Hotel. Nice place to take out-of-towners. Swanky, great views, and I remember very generous dishes-full of nuts. Still, I can't think of an urgent reason to go there.

        1. re: Vordygal

          Of course! Right after I posted that, I realized it must be the Brass Elephant. Although I swear I have never heard it called that.

          I guess I don't go to swanky bars enough.


        2. re: Darin

          The Tusk Lounge is the upstairs bar at the Brass Elephant... and I believe Explorers Lounge is the bar at the Harbor Court hotel.

        3. Well this next week is jamming up for me too due to musical commitments. Let's shoot for the week of 10/22, location TBA.

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          1. re: Lucien

            i would be into meeting for drinks. some place in mount vernon would be the most convienient for me since i work and spend most of my free time down there. i find that none of the people that i associate with are nearly as food obesessed as myself and i would love to meet some people who share my obsession.

          2. Shula's Hall of Fame Lounge!! It's like Havana Club but more casual.