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Oct 8, 2001 05:38 PM

Northern Virginia/DC reccommendations?

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I would like some reccommendations in and near Fairfax (VA.) DC is fine as well, but in and around Fairfax is more important.

I prefer places that are inexpensive, authentic, and very good. Ethnic restaurants (or groceries) are fine especially indian , thai, other asian, middle eastern etc... There basically isn't a cuisine that we don't eat. I would also like a reccommendations for great authentic BBQ or Southern food. I know that I should be more specific, but since my g/f is new to the area any info you give us is more info than we had before.


BTW, I would appreciate email replies is possible, or even an email saying that you posted a reply.

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  1. We have several that we love, most are in Vienna and easy to find. My new favorite Indian restaurant is Vienna Tandoor (new owners, great naan and raita, very good samosas, a tiny place and not expensive) which is on Rt. 123/Maple Avenue, next to Magruders near the intersection of Courthouse/Lawyers Rd. The Greek Grill is another good inexpensive restaurant on Maple Ave just west of that intersection. You can park in the shopping center where Magruders is and walk east to a Japanese-Thai restaurant (another tiny restaurant!) that serves excellent food. Whenever I need ingredients for an Asian meal I shop at the Thai market in Jade Shopping Center on Maple Ave. Down Maple Ave, at the intersection of Maple/Branch is a shopping center where a Turkish bakery/sandwich place is located - great sandwiches/pastries/bread. (there's another great Turkish place at intersection of Pickett Rd and Main St. in Fairfax). I happen to love Tara Thai but don't know if you'd consider that expensive. there's another good Thai restaurant next to Home Depot off West Ox Road. If you go out Rt. 50 to Sully Shopping Center (at Centerville Rd) there is a good Vietnamese Restaurant (Pho) and Indian (Oasis).

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      My first attempt at posting on this topic didn't seem to make it so I will try again.

      Newcomers to the area need to print out a copy of Tyler Cowen's guide to ethnic restaurants. I have posted a link to it on this very board.

      Here is a short list of some of the places we have enjoyed. All are cheap to moderate in price.

      Connaught Place, Fairfax: Indian (small caveat: our last meal there was not great but otherwise we have loved it)

      Bombay Bistro, Fairfax: Indian

      Viet-Thai, Fairfax: duhhhhhhh :>)

      Sakoontra, Fairfax: Thai

      Tara Thai, Vienna: double duh

      Thai Basil, Chantilly: You get the point

      Thai Luang, Herndon: megadittos

      Yama Sushi, Vienna: another brain teaser

      Yoko, Herndon (Also in Oakton but we haven't tried that one): Japanese

      Myanmar, Falls Church: Burmese! This is a great little place. The food is really good and apparently 100 percent authentic

      Haandi, Falls Church: Indian

      Bamyan, Herndon: Afghan

      Panjshir, Falls Church and Vienna: Afghan

      Madina Afghan Kebob, Herndon

      Pars, Fairfax: Iranian (they have a branch in Fair Oaks Mall now too)

      Hong Que (Seven Sisters), Falls Church (Eden Center): Vietnamese

      Pollos Inka, Herndon: Peruvian

      Euro Bistro, Herndon: Austrian mainly

      A Taste of the World, Herndon: Filipino and about six others

      Paya Thai, Vienna

      Picante! The Real Taco, Chantilly: Mexican

      Fortune, Reston: Chinese (great dim sum)

      Mr. Hibachi, Herndon: Bare-bones Korean. For a large concentration of Korean restaurants, head to Annandale. Hee Been is one of the best.

      Pho 90, Chantilly: Vietnamese

      That plus Tyler's list should get you started.

    2. Dolce Vita just east of where 29 and 50 meet in Farifax is great. The Vietnamese place next to it is awful.

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        I'm curious about Dolce Vita. We went there a couple of times after it opened and thought it was fine, but nothing amazing, and certainly not worth the uncomfortable waits. The highly touted pizza was yet another in a long line of highly touted dishes around here that didn't really live up to the touting.

        Washingtonian magazine has bumped it off its 100 Best Cheap Eats list after giving it two stars last year.

        As for Viet-Thai next door, I'm also curious about why you think it's awful. We've had several good meals there. Nothing spectacular, but for an unpretentious neighborhood Asian eatery, it does just fine.