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Oct 8, 2001 01:58 PM

food suffering at IXIA

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i just had dinner at the new restaurant called Ixia in downtown baltimore, on charle street, formerly of Louie's Bookstore. I have to tell you, recently the quality of the food is suffering. i was there in august and sept. and it was a great experience, lot's of flavor, balanced and intense. I went back in october and it was noticeably different. what's happening recently??? has the chef lost his touch?? it seems like the kitchen could not sustain the original driving momentum when it first opened.. please, if anyone know what is happening to the quality of the food at IXIA recently, let me know..

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  1. IXIA used to be a nice destination place. it had a menu w/ an attitude, very eclectic. recently, something has happened to the food. it's very inconsistent.

    1. Chef didn't lose his touch. But restaurant did lose the chef....

      1. yes i agree. the chef left IXIA. the word is that he's about to open a place in federal hill. the food has changed for the worse. anyone else have comments on this??