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Oct 8, 2001 11:19 AM

ISO: Greek market in NoVA

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Is there a Greek market anywhere in Northern Virginia? I've been to Thai, Italian, Indian and Chinese but have not seen or heard of a Greek market. TIA!!

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  1. Try Aphrodite at 5886 Leesburg Pike Route 7 around the corner from Mattress Discounter near Culmore Shopping Center. It has Greek as well as Middle Eastern Groceries. Also try Mount of Olives 3405 Payne at Bailey's Crossroads just a block East of Aphrodite. It is a Mediterranean Grocery store. Good Luck


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      Don't have a message but you can't do a "no text" subject line. But I appreciate your post and the information. Will check them out.

    2. There's an amazing Mediterranian/Middle Eastern Bakery and Grocery store off Duke Street in Alexandria. They carry Greek, Turkish, Lebanese and a whole host of other foods. They have wonderful pastries and breads and also have a good deli (their pizza is great and you can eat in).

      From 395 you take Duke Street East (past Landmark Mall). Make a right on South Pickett street. There will be a strip mall on the left with a Home Depot. The Mediterranian Bakery is in the strip mall near the post office.