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Oct 7, 2001 10:50 AM

Favorite places in Mont Co

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This is a list of moderate price items and where I think are the best places to get them.
Subs, Marchone's (to go only), Wheaton
Italian Food , Mama Lucia's, Olney
Italian Boat (stuffed Pizza) 3 Bros, Rockville Pike
Morango Delight (Kang Pao Chicken and Shrimp),Lee's Kitchen Layhill Rd SS
Greek, Ambrosia ,Rockville Pike
Shwama's(middle Eastern Gyros), Max's Deli, Wheaton
Singapore Noodles and Chinese Barbecue, Paul Kee's, Wheaton
Vietnamese Deli, Bale, Rockville Pike
Texas Beef Brisket, O'Brian's. Rockville
Dim Sum, Silver Fountain, Aspen Hill
Chinese Lunch, Hunan Delight, Olney

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  1. Thanks for the great tips Chicken Little. This is right in my neighborhood and right up my alley.

    What dishes do you like at Mama Lucia's? Is all of 3 Brothers' pizza good, or just the stuffed pizza? What do you like at Ambrosia? Gyro? Souvlaki? And what about Ba Le? Soups? Sate's?

    We like Pho 95 very much. Usually for the Pho, but for other dishes as well. Love Taipei/Tokyo Cafe for it's convenience and for noodle dishes. I hear the sushi is good too, and quite a bargain. Best Thai food is at Benjarong, which is also on the Pike in a new location. El Mariachi up the Pike does a good job. And Il Pizzico, while not cheap, does have very good pasta. Finally, we've never been disappointed the George Stark's Head Hog barbecue for take out.

    Can't wait to try some of your suggestions.

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    1. re: Bill

      Some more recommendations:

      Cuban Corner and Caribbean Feast, Rockville (both near Pho 75, better and cleaner than Pho 95, but strickly Pho, not many side dishes and no other entrees).

      AJ Restaurant, Rockville, a Taiwanese/Northern Chinese restaurant, not your typical fare. Delicious, spicy, cheap and always crowded!

      I like most of the places you mentioned (3 bros, Tokyo/Taipei, El Mariachi, Benjarong), so I hope you will like these places I recommended!

      1. re: Bill
        chicken little

        Bill, you sound like my kind of chowhound.Mama Lucia's has very good pasta dishes. Try the Calamari Fritti,Eggplant Parmigiana,Gamberetti alla Marinara and the Gamberetti alla fra Diavolo. The regular pizza at 3 Bros is good but my favorite place for pizza ia Guiseppi's in downtown Rockville ( no frills).You are right on for the Gyros and Souvlaki at Ambrosia. Ba Le among others are Rice crepes, grill lemongrass pork,chicken or beef either as rice dishes or as sandwiches. I also put El Mariachi and Il Pizzico high on my list. I'll have to try George Starks.
        Thanks for the tips.

        1. re: chicken little

          Ditto on Giuseppis pizza as better than 3 Bros., espec. $3.15 lunch special, 2 slices plus a soda.

        2. re: Bill

          Twinbrook is my neighborhood. AMBROSIA is a fine neighborhood Greek restaurant, very popular for its lamb dishes (especially with orzo), its potatoes side dish and stringbeans side dish, gyros are fine, and its Greek Village Salad is good. Unfussy and fast service. MAMA LUCIA is tops, especially for lunches, which are lots cheaper and served cafeteria style: thin crust pizza is very good, all the pastas are made fresh to order, especially good is the marinara sauce. Teipei/Tokyo,if its the combo Japanese/Chinese place next to THREE BROTHERS off the Pike has especially good (and huge)noodle soups.

        3. Hollywood East in Wheaton is one of the best Chinese places in the area. They have some dishes not often seen here (e.g., Pan Fried Stuffed Triple Delight, bell pepper, eggplant, tofu stuffed with minced shrimp or E-Fu noodles) -- and occasionally add more following scouting trips to Hong Kong. Had pearl/bubble tea drinks way before they became trendy recently.