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Oct 5, 2001 01:47 PM

Main Ave/Arena Stage in DC???

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Looking for a decent restaurant near the Arena Stage or Main Avenue in DC...give me some ideas? I don't want the usual rum bun/seafood place....thanks!

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  1. Try HI Ribsters on Maine Ave - I've not eaten there, but at least it's a steak house compared to the over-priced & humongous seafood halls that cater to busloads of tourists...

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      As of yesterday evening (10/24), en route to a 7:30 p.m. performance at Arena, I discovered that both H.I. Ribster's and Hogate's were closed for business--I presume permanently.

      So it looks like pickings at the waterfront are even thinner than they were previously: is there even anything beyond Zanzibar's restaurant (which features o.k./overly pricey Caribbean-influenced cuisine), Phillips and Le Rivage?

    2. I live right near there and have eaten at almost every restaurant there....and there's not much there. However, Le Rivage is good. A tad expensive if you are looking for an under $15 entree, but heard they have an early bird special specifically geared towards people who go to the Arena Stage. Most of the entrees are around $20. I had the crab cakes and they were good, but my friend who had the filet mignon raved about it. It was very well prepared.