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Oct 4, 2001 01:56 PM

Baltimore: Barren wasteland

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Having moved to Baltimore recently from Brooklyn I am beging to think that there are no decent places to eat anywhere. I am afraid of sounding harsh but i have been consistantly dissapointed with every meal that i have gone out for save for one excellent meal at the Thai place on Greenmount. I am living in the Charles village area and if i have to eat one more meal at the Silk Road i think i am going to slit my wrists. Someone please prove me wrong. thanks.

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  1. Charles Village IS tough for a chowhound on the prowl. A couple things at Niwana are pretty good, but I would avoid the sushi. The indian at Tambers is passable. The indian at the Ambassador dining room is excellent, albeit pricey. The food at Jeanniers can be wonderful - again, pricey. Some people love Preston 500, I can live without it. Can't say I've eaten at Polo Grill in the past 5 years. Pete's Grill and the Wyman Restaurant are gems when it comes to breakfast and lunch... Moving on to Hampden, Susies Soba and Cafe Hon are worth checking out... Golden West is a MUST.
    Let's see...what else..... There are a MILLION places to try, it just depends on what you feel like eating and how far you want to travel. Why don't you clue us in on what you HAVE tried?

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      I keep thinking of places just within walking distance of Charles Village that are at least try-worthy...
      Paper Moon
      No New Da Ji (menu only - aviod buffet at all costs)
      all the Korean places at, like, 23rd and Maryland
      Holy Frijoles (best chile relenos!)

    2. Yah, you had better tell us where you've been disappointed so we can either a) commiserate with you, and wonder why you hadn't asked us before b) insist you've just had bad look, or c) decide you're just a crank ;-)

      But, welcome to Baltimore anyway. Don't be tempted by the Fell's Point Festival; try to go to the Bolton Hill's Festival instead on the Hill on October 13; go to Nick's at Cross St. Market (instead of Lexington Market); try to fall in love with Cal Ripken for the next 96 hours, but if you really can't, just keep quiet about him; visit Trinacria's Italian Deli on Paca Street on a Saturday morning; try Blue Agave in Federal Hill; get a membership to Video Americain on St. Paul and 31st; and, above all, consider a subscription to Center Stage...

      only kidding about the last (seem my email address). although you really should.


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        ....and you left out the Saratoga Street Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings!!!

      2. So much was said on eating in Baltimore a while back that a special report was compiled.


        1. Having lived in Baltimore for 9 years while trying to get an M.A. I tried a lot of restaurants. My absolute favorite is The Helmand (Afghan)-Charles Street. Take any bus downtown and get off near the GW Monument. NYC Chowhounds had a Call to Eat at Middle Eastern and Afghan restaurants to ensure that the best of these places don't close due to people's prejudices. Mamie's Cafe in Hampton is good. And that weird French restaurant near the Enoch Pratt with no sign on the door has great food. Maybe someone will remember the name.

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            I think I heard that it was moving to another location not too far away.

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              Or was that Marconi's that's moving?