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Oct 3, 2001 09:48 AM

pizza in DuPont/Andale?

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Has anyone got a word on a small pizza place in DuPont called Alberto's?

What's the scoop on the mexican restaurant Andale downtown?

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  1. When we order pizza (which isn't often these days), it tends to be Alberto's. Nothing extraordinary, but perfectly good and better than the chains. I think that they have both thin and thick, and the available toppings are varied and fresh enough. We've never eaten in (just had delivery).

    Across the street (P St.) is Pizzeria Paradiso, the sort of "gourmet" brick oven goat cheese whatnot pizza place that many people think is good enough to stand in line for a long long time for. I don't think that they deliver, though you can skip the line by doing takeout.

    1. We tried Alberto's about six months ago, and only get our pizza from there now. We've only gotten the thin crust and find it to be some of the best we've had. I particularly favor the green pepper and sausage. They deliver and usually takes about 45 minutes. Well worth the wait in my book.

      1. Alberto's is great pizza. Honestly, I prefer it to Pizzeria Paradiso (and you don't have to wait in a huge line). Also, try the calzone--it's definitely one of the better ones that I've had outside of Chicago.