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Oct 2, 2001 03:13 PM

Greek in Bethesda/Rockville?

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I am looking for recommendations for a Greek restaurant in the Maryland burbs that is nice enough for an informal birthday dinner.

I have been trolling the web and this site but can't find any overwhelming consensus.

Because family members are already driving in from elsewhere I am thinking we don't want to make the trek to Baltimore.


Thanks in advance.

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  1. Wheaton's not far - try Alekos Taverna on Fern St right off Georgia Ave. Good stuff, pretty decor.

    Bethesda has an informal Greek lunch place right near the Woodmont Ave & Bethesda Metro - forget the name of it...

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      The place on Woodmont in Bethesda is Athenian Plaka. I haven't eaten there in a while, but supposedly is good.
      The place in Rockville is Mykonos, and I have eatent there recently. Food was good, but expensive, and the service was a little spotty. But the restaurant is nice on the inside, but Greek joints standards..

      1. re: Susan

        I haven't been to Athenian Plaka in a while, but I remember it as pretty good, but also a little expensive.

    2. There is a nice place in Rockville called Mykanos(sp?) on Congressional Lane, one block off the Pike. I've been there twice, and while never overwhelmed, left satisfied both times. The menu is standard Greek fare, and it's prepared well, if uninspired. Fish is fresh, service is good, wine list is adequate and it's certainly a pretty enough place. Not cheap, by Greek restaurant/"joint" standards, but not expensive by any means. It's also large enough to handle any birthday/party gathering. In fact, now that I think about it, there is a line to get in every Friday and Saturday, so maybe it's better than I give it credit for (or maybe I give most of the restaurand-going public too much credit?).

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        We have always enjoyed Mykonos...the space itself is much nicer than its location in the bottom floor of an office building. We had my grandmother's 85th birthday celebration there and everyone found something they enjoyed and it tasted freshly prepared.

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